Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take me out to the Ball Game!

My kids play a variety of sports, basketball, soccer, football, and I'm always there cheering them on, but when they decided to play baseball I was like" Boring!" Don't get me wrong I know Baseball is  "American's Pastime" "The All American Game" but it is just sooooooo boring to me! I would rather poke my eyes out! Lol! Growing up we only had one t.v. in our house(at least thats what my parents said until we found out they weren't talking when they went to bed they were watching t.v.!) and every sunday night we had to watch the Yankees, WPIX Channel 11(thanks Dad!) so of course I had to watch  or go to bed. Even though it was boring I was NOT going to bed! So when we went to Wesley first practice  I mentally prepared myself to be really bored,
 I packed a book and some snacks and settled in to read and eat. " Who threw that ball?" I heard the coach yell out. " Me!"  I heard my baby boy yell back. "Oh my goodness, what did that boy do now?" I look up to see the coach looking at Wesley, " Do it again" he says. So Wesley throws the ball again from short stop to first. "Thats great Wes!" So I'm really looking now and I'm thinking "Ok he does that all the time." I then notice the other kids are kind of throwing the ball like the dad teaching his son how to throw the ball in that Volkswagen Passat car commercia....., just all wrong.This might be a little interesting. Next they are at bat, lots of swings and misses, Wesley steps to the plate and he hits it into the outfield! What in the world!!! Did my baby just do that!!!! Is he turning out to be Jackie Robinson Jr.? After practice is over the coach tells me that Wesley has a great arm, (I know I taught him everything he knows!) Now of course I LOVE BASEBALL!  we watch any game we can on t.v., we go to the batting cages, I'm looking up catching techniques on line, obviously it takes one of my kids to be good at something and magically its not boring anymore! Lol! I know, I know.......

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