Thursday, May 9, 2013

50 years of Marriage

Good Morning Pooka Family!  I am just returning from Tucson Arizona where I went to celebrate my Uncle Joe & Aunt Marlene’s 50th wedding anniversary!  Fifty years of being married to the same person!!!  That is truly a testimony!!  I admire my Aunt and Uncle tremendously; they are true role models for marriage and family.  They never miss a family reunion, they come to everyone’s graduations, and they are world travelers! Last year they went to Corsica and Paris! Oh and they both are Greek (Kappa and Delta) so of course they never miss a convention either.  For those sisters who will be in DC this July for the Delta convention you may run into Aunt Marlene representing for her AZ chapter!  We are truly blessed to have role models like them representing our history and our family!

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