Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kale Days!

Greetings Family!
Hope all is well. I have been eagerly awaiting really. This weather is not cooperating. But before I begin to complain about the heat I wanted to share with you. I your foodie Pookalita have been on a Kale kick! Can't get enough of it, I didn't know! First of all it is the ultimate super food. It is low in calories and high in vitamin C, K and A. Benefits include healthy eyes, heart and lower cholesterol!  It fights fat and is high in fiber.  Sorry spinach!  So before we start using our sunscreen try this recipe for Kale soup. Let  me know what you think!

Sauté Carrots (i like the baby ones cut in half), celery and a bay leaf in olive oil. You can season to taste but always watch your salt! Once veggies start to get tender add about five cups of low or no salt chicken stock.  You can also use veggie. As stock starts to boil you can be creative. Add chopped white or sweet potatoes.  If you need meat you can add pre cooked grilled chicken. I usually make without the meat. Everything should be boiling. Once your potatoes get tender but not mushy add your Kale leaves. I cut big pieces. And that's it! This soup takes a total of about fifteen minutes. You are not boiling the good stuff out of your veggies. Don't cook the Kale like collard greens lol! They shouldn't be crunchy but just tender. Sometimes we will have before our meal  and I will  have the leftover soup for lunch. Family we are talking about an easy good for you bowl of goodness. If soup is not your thing then sauté the Kale with some garlic and onions...yummy!  So the next time you go to the veggie market pick up a huge bunch of Kale. Your body will be glad you did.

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