Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liar, Liar Pooka on fire!!

Well family of course you know, I have a story!! Now I’m sure April is going to KILL me but this story needs to be told, lol!!  I like to call this 5 minutes and 3 days of Will and Wes!  Last week April and the boys came home from NC to visit.  We were all excited to see them and couldn’t wait for a Pookalita fun week!  I was at Pooka and April told me she’d arrived at her moms the night before, so she and the boys were coming by Pooka to see us!  This is how the weekend went minute by minute, lol.....

Minute 1 - In they marched and we all hugged and talked about how tall the boys were and just had a good time seeing each other. 

Minute 2-3 - Will, “Auntie Dawn, I’m hungry, do you have any food here?”
Me, “I don’t think so Will”.   But you know how kids are, he found a bag of microwave popcorn buried behind the microwave and asked if he could have it.  Sure, I said and he popped it in.  Now the microwave is in the spare room, next to the office, so he put it in and shut the door to the room.

Minute 5 or 10?  What’s that smell?  As I open the door and watch the smoke pour out of the room, suddenly the blaring fire alarms go off in the entire building!  Pooka is a commercial space so there were lights and alarms all over and I didn’t realize it set off the entire building including the 2 tenants upstairs!  At this point we’re all running around like crazy people, screaming trying to figure out how to shut it off.  So that’s then I called the fire department and let them know that it wasn’t an emergency, just needed to know how to shut off the alarm......
Minute 12.....Woooooooooo, wooooooooo(my fire engine sounds)  Now I told the fire operator that it wasn’t an emergency but guess what showed up at Pooka?  The fire chief and 2 huge, shiny, blaring fire engines!  As they entered, we told them that it was just burnt popcorn, but they went through place with a fine tooth comb. Unfortunately the main fire panel was in the landlords basement, which I didn’t have a key for guessed it the firemen had to get equipment and bust in the door!!!  So now that they are at the panel, they can’t turn the alarm off and put it on silence.  They told me to call the alarm company and have them send someone over to fix the alarm, unfortunately its 4 oclock on easter weekend!  They also said that we couldnt leave the alarm on silent that we had to get it fixed or it would go off again.  Before they left the told me to try to reset the alarm again before I left for the night.  

Minute 40  Well now April and the boys are hungry and go for pizza!  really?!

6:00pm  Before going home, I tried to reset the alarm, of course it didn’t work, so I shut it right off again and called the fire department to let them know that it didn’t work.  The operator said, okay ma’m we’ll send units over!  No!  I screamed, you told me to call If I couldn’t reset it and I’m telling you it didn’t work no need to send out units.  “Ma’m by law we have to come!!”

I have no idea what Minute ....Wooooooooooooo Wooooooooo(my fire engine sounds again)  Guess who arrived at Pooka again!  Yup 2 more fire trucks, at this point I’m totally frustrated and embaressed.  I can’t believe they sent more firemen, who came in and even after we told them the story asked to see the microwave again!  THERE IS NO FIRE!  So after they left I just went home.

Day 2:  Saturday at the Pooka boutique was great but at around 5:00 guess what happened, that darn alarm went off again!  I quickly put it on silence again and held my breath,  thank GOD no firemen.  So now, I’m totally stressed because If this thing goes off again the tenants upstairs are going to kill me.  Thank God it didn’t go off again.

Day 3:  Happy Easter!!  Enjoying a wonderful family easter dinner.  Our cleaning service was at Pooka cleaning the place when in the middle of my smoked salmon, I get a panicked phone call, “DAWN THE ALARM IS GOING OFF”  So Easter dinner is cut short, out the door I go to Pooka!  By the time I get there the cleaner is standing there pressing the reset button, every 5 minutes so the alarm doesn’t come on again.  I put it on silence and went home.

Day 4 MONDAY.  My landlord is back and fixes the alarm!!!  Wow, I can’t wait til those kids visit again!   >:(

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  1. OMG....I just love this story and gave me a good chuckle...Sorry, I'm sure it wasn't any fun while it was happening, but it is a story to look back on and just get a huge laugh out of it in the future, yet I am laughing now since I can only imagine, having been victim myself of happenstance where we wish we could crawl under the nearest rock.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh today.