Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another "AHA" moment!

It all started when I was doing yoga and noticed a book under my bed, called Organizing from the Inside Out. I had bought this book years ago because of my desire to become a more organized person. The irony is I had never read it because I...‘misplaced” it! Misplacing a book on organization lets you know you really need to get organized! My lack of organization has always been an annoyance to me but starting a business has really put a spotlight on this missing skill. It was really starting to bother me. I couldn’t find anything. I was always missing bills, tickets, important papers. Since I found the book I started to read it. The book said to look for underlying reasons for your lack of organization and that every person even highly unorganized people have at least one tiny thing thats organized and they are proud of? Something that has a place and can always be found. It came to me instantly, My scissors! No matter what they go in a specific drawer and I ALWAYS put them back in the same space. In a weird way, I am always proud that I can always find them! Another thing that they said is that people have certain things organized because they like the container or that they like how the items are displayed, the aesthetic factor. When I thought again the only other 2 things that are organized in my house are, 1. My new earrings, because I made a great holder for them so I love hanging them up and now I always know where my earrings are. The 2nd are my clothes in the closet, just recently my mother told me to organize my clothes in my closet by color and I LOVE THIS, my closet has stayed neater not because I love my clothes neat but because I love how the blocks of color look in my closet! Oh the joy! 
Later in the day I was speaking to my mother and telling her about my new organizational discoveries and she, as usual, gushed about how happy she was about my figuring something out, LOL! Aways proud of me, even at this age! I went on and on about the book and about the underlying issues to being unorganized and then my mother put the “AHA” icing on my cake! She told me that, as a parent, that was something that she struggled with, with me in my youth. She would tell me where to put things and how to straighten things and it just never caught on! She layed out clothes and I wanted to wear something else, she put things here and I wanted them to go there, she said red and I said, “why not purple?” She never had that problem with my siblings Donna and Douglas, they were sticklers for the rules >:( but me? not so much! She then told me that she had actually taken a course on parenting to better understand me!!!! WOW!!! So sloppy that I put my mother in therapy, LOL!! I was amazed! Now my mother had always been in education and went back to school for classes in early childhood behavior, so when this class and my lack of organization presented itself she took advantage. She said that the teacher told her that the things she wanted me to do were a priority for her not me and until I decided things were a priority for me they wouldnt change. How could I not have known this pertinent life information, now my mother said she had told me this before, but I guess because it was’nt a priority for me, I chose not to remember LOL! This is where things began to come into focus and the AHA moment of a lifetime started to roll out. My mother and I dove into a conversation about me and this PRIORITY thing! to be continued........

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  1. I think you touched on a very important point--organization first starts in the mind. As a trained therapist, I understand that EVERYTHING begins with a thought! Thoughts create! I also believe that there is organization in chaos--more or less. What looks messy to others is in fact organized to the individual. It could very well be that you need to hire someone, like a personal assistant, and/or housekeeper because you seem to be a person that "jumps around." Is the yoga helping you slow your mental pace and thoughts? Yes, keep us posted!