Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Biggest Mistake

Morning Pooka Family! Hope everyone is enjoying the dog days of summer…whoohoo! So, I have made the biggest mistake of my life as a mother! Taiye’s hair!!!! She has the most beautiful, thick, curly, tangle hair! I mean, when it comes to beautiful natural hair, Taiye can rock any style. It looks so cute in a bun or in two afro puffs, twists or braids. But what did I do… I let her rock those afro puffs for too long and now it is tangled and matted! I’ve tried everything to get her hair untangled but nothing is working!! HELP!!!!! And yes, she is tender-headed so it hurts her which in turn hurts me! I started trying to untangle her hair one night and at 1 AM we were still at it! Then I tried again one Sunday morning and 2 hours later, I had only gotten thru 1/8 of a section! This is my crux…I have to get it untangled. Then came my “aha” moment from Auntie Dawn….don’t try to do everything all at once. Just do a little at a time every day. This way it won’t hurt her as much. So this week every night before we go to bed, we will sit on the bed, watch Super Why and Dinosaur Train and take one section and try and untangle her hair. Pray for me family! Hopefully I will be able to get a comb thru it by September!


  1. So glad I opened this one! You don't need a comb. Just your fingers and some basic conditioner (maybe a little oil). Definitely want to consult with you so this doesn't have to happen and things are easier for you both.

    Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair HealerTM
    (973) 619-2855
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    I haven't been able to get over to the boutique yet because of my client schedule but plan to make it soon.

  2. Saturate the hair with conditioner and watch those tangles melt away. Don't try to de-tangle on dry hair , get some conditioner and a spray bottle with just plan ole water

  3. What I learned from being natural these past four years (that I wish I had known when my girls were little) is detangling with conditioner on soaking sopping wet hair....and it is best if the head is going back ( you know like when you are at the beauty shop, they wash your hair going back in that little that) OR if the hair is soaking sopping wet and the person is upright.

    Oh, but I did learn this when my girls were little---let them watch a (mommy approved of course) video and have a snack while you are trying to comb their hair.

    Hope this helps!!