Thursday, September 13, 2012

Open letter to the president

Dear President Barack Obama, I just want to say that the Democratic Convention was awesome! The entertainment was on point with Mary J. Blige, Bruce Springsteen (Yeah America!)Among many others!And all of the speakers were great, Michelle, Bill and yourself included. But I couldn't help but to be a bit ticked because I had tickets and they were cancelled on us! Yes they had to move the convention to a smaller venue,because of a tornado/twister/end of the world storm coming. And yes there was a storm that night, and it poured, thunder and lighting but doggone it I wanted to go! I watched at home on T.V. (Weather was bad) and all I saw was bright happy faces, laughing,crying,sharing in the words that were being poured over them like honey. I watched with disgusting fascination what people were wearing in the audience (why did she wear that?)Or who they were with(really? Who let that person in?)But it didn't really make me feel any better because they were there and I was at home looking in. I say all of this to say,YOU have to win this for all of the people who couldn't make it there! We want to celebrate with you in person! P.S. Or a new job with great benefits would be nice ;)

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