Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who's the Boss?

For all of the youngest children in the family, you have to agree with me that you usually got away with more stuff than your older brothers and sisters. At the time you came around your parents were tired so they kinda knew if you did eat the dirt you weren't gonna die or if you didn't eat that balanced breakfast you'd be ok. All was good untill you did the one thing that your parents told you not to do OH BOY then all kinds of stuff broke out! My youngest Wesley turned 6 last week, we looked through the photo album of his pictures and ooh and aaahed over how cute he was and still is to this day. To know Wes is to love him, he is the ultimate entertainer- he sings, dances, raps, acts and just an all around charmer. Of course with him being the youngest I have not been as hard as him as I was/am on his older brother (sorry Will!) but I didn't think I would really need to correct him on anything much because he is just So Cute! Well! Welcome to the real world! Let me tell you how this boy just lost his mind! One day last week, he came downstairs ready for school with $15.00 in his hand. I asked him where did he think he was going with the money? Wes replied that he was going to school with it, where he was going to spend it at the school store. I told him No, you are not going to take that money to school, leave it home. Then I proceeded to put it on the counter and leave. Well obviously that was not good enough for Mr. Wesley, he decided that he was going to take the money to school anyway. As they are leaving for school Will sees that Wes has $ 5.00 in his hand. He says" Didn't mommy tell you not to take that to school." Wes replies "Oh yeah." and then fakes putting it back so his brother doesn't see him (Were you ever that sneaky?). Now we have two people that have told Wes not to take the money to school (I'll give him a little credit that he didn't take the $ 10.00 also). I come home and Wes is all love love to me. My mother, who is visiting us, said he came right home from school and got to work on his handwriting and math. He was so diligent, saying "I have to do my work for mommy". Uh huh. As I walk into the kitchen I notice the $10.00 bill but no $5.00 I asked my mother did she see a five? She said no. I asked Will and he started yelling at me, "I told Wes to put the money back!" I called Wes downstairs, "Where is the money?"....."I took it to school."......"After I told you not to?"....."I didn't know you didn't want me to take it." My mother had to put my eyes back in my head! " What!!!!!! Didn't I tell you not to take the money!", I said to him and of course he replies...Yes (he starts crying here, because he can see on my face this is not going to end well for him. " Go upstairs right now!" I proceeded to let him know who the boss was, I don't think I'll be having any problems out of Mr. Wes for a long time. P.S. and if you talk to him just ask him who the boss is!

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  1. Well, what happened? Did he get a beatin'?! lol