Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Possibilities for 2012

Happy New Year Pooka Family! I am exciting about the New Year and what new possibilities are in {the} store (no pun intended) LOL! As you know from Dawn’s previous post; we have begun our Daniel Fast and this year’s theme as communicated by Rev. Watley ( is New Possibilities for Faith, Family and Finances for 2012. I love Rev. Watley’s themes each year for the Daniel Fast because he not only lays out the guidelines for the Fast through the word of God but his themes also challenge me to look outside of just the abstinence to food but also inward towards what I am seeking for myself through God. This year I took the time to right down exactly what new possibilities I would like to see come to fruition. That was a crucial first step for me because once I write something down; I look at it every day to see if I’ve completed it so I can check it off. One other thing we (the Pookalitas) did this year that we didn’t do last year is that we each invited one other sisterfriend to join us in the fast. For the one who did join us, we are happy that she has taken on the commitment and to the others who were not ready to do so, we still include them in our Daily Word.

Pooka Family, I hope that each of you have thought about what new possibilities lay in store for you and are open to receive them

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