Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Season

Happy Spring Pooka Family! Ahhhhh...Springtime for me means going to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook park, getting my first pedicure of the season, preparing for the Pooka Spa Foot Soak Workshop (save the date its going to be the first Saturday in May) and it also means going to the theater in New York. This season I dragged my husband over to the City to see a new play on Broadway starring Chris Rock, Bobby Cannavale (Will & Grace and Third Watch) and Annabella Sciorra (Jungle Fever). The name of the play is called, "The Motherf**ker with the Hat" Yea.crazy name, right? Well, let me tell you, the play was really good. At first I wasn't sure how good it would be. I mean of course you have Chris Rock and yes, he's hilarious, but the subject matter these characters take on is very serious. Well, I must say I really enjoyed the play! It was funny and serious when it needed to be. If you get a chance go and check it out.

Happy Spring Pooka Family!

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