Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wagon Trail

Okay this was funny to me and I had to share it! Recently I started working part-time for a national retailer, the company seeing my natural enthusiasm placed me in a customer service position. So today I'm at work and a woman called saying that she couldn't walk and that she would need the "wagon". The "wagon" is a motorized cart that a person can ride in comfortably while shopping. Of course I was asked to go and retrieve the woman by riding in the cart to her car. Okay so I'm having fun zipping through the store (it only goes about 2mph) and out into the parking lot. I find the woman in her car and proceed to help her into the wagon and into the store. She shops and when shes ready to leave I have to go with her to get the wagon back. I go back with her to her car and it starts to rain, so of course in my head I'm like " Come on lady!" while she keeps moving slowly getting off of the wagon. I jump back into the wagon just as the skies open up and a tsunami hits. Wind, rain and I'm hunched over trying to make the wagon go faster which of course it can't! As I round the corner going straight for the door, I hear a horn beeping and its the woman I just left almost running me over! She may not of been able to walk, but she doggone it was able to put the pedal to the medal! I was able to maneuver out of the way (it was a crazy slow motion turn)and she rolls down the window to ask me if I'm okay. AM I OK? REALLY? Nah Lady!
This may not be the job for me.....

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