Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting kicked out of my own bed!

Hey Pooka Family! It's me! Six months into being a new mom and I still love every minute! Okay, well, not every minute, like when Taiye doesn't want to sleep in her own bed! She actually started out good with sleeping in her crib but there was one time I let her come and sleep with me and Wale and that was all she wrote! Now she starts out in her crib at bedtime (between 9-9:30PM) but when she wakes up for her 12AM feeding, she doesn't want to get back into her crib! She wants to stay up and talk and play and sing (yes, sing! I think this chick is going to be an opera singer because she belts those notes out like Kathleen Battle)! When she is finally ready to go back to sleep she screams bloody murder when I gently lay her in her crib. Well I'm exhausted after all that midnight playing so I give in and bring her into our room and let her lay down with us. Now of course my wonderful husband wakes up (only for a second) to ask if I need some water then he instantly falls back to sleep. So I'm left lying on the edge of the bed with Taiye's hand on my boob ready to squeeze out her next milk supply. Ahhhhhh Motherhood...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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