Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the spirit of Sisterhood!!!!

This weekend in preparing for Circle of Sisters I started to reflect on sisterhood! You know what happens when I start to reflect…..I started thinking about all of my “sisters” that I have been blessed to have in my life! Take a moment and just think about all you’ve been through and who has been with you by your side! I love to think about growing up and when I do, I have to think about my sister! I have some funny sister stories that Donna would actually shoot me If I wrote, but let me just share one….
I remember going out to buy a car by myself, now, my father warned me “DAWN DON’T BUY ANYTHING JUST LOOK!!” “Of course dad”, I replied, “I’m just going to do some research.” I thought about this conversation as I drove my new Honda Prelude off the lot! I was almost in tears as I drove home because I knew I shouldn’t have purchased this car, but they really got me and it was all shiny and new! My first call was to my sister in tears I said, Donna! I bought a car, daddy told me don’t buy anything and I did and I think they ripped me off!!!” . I went home a upset, not wanting to call my father and tell him the news and then I heard the doorbell. It was my sister with her overnight bag! She laid on the couch and went to sleep, I didn’t even talk to her, but just knowing she was there gave me comfort. We got up the next morning and she called my father and told him I bought the car. I could hear my father just losing it! Man I was so glad I wasn’t on that phone. Well the next morning I went back to the Honda dealer with my father and he quickly went down the list of all the places I had been ripped off and after they changed a lot and lowered the price, I happily drove off the lot. I have to say my sister has always come through for me and she was also there for me 1 month later when that car was stolen!!! I’ll wait until next time to tell you the call Donna got when I worked as a bank teller and got held up!!! Ahhhh………..I love my sister!


  1. And I will never love another as I love my sister!!

  2. I love that story...the best is the sorry your car was stolen! Your right, family in general but sisters (Whether related or not) are the best.