Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweaters and Flip Flops!

Greetings family! Yes it is me. The summer has gone by and I haven’t talked to you. I hope you enjoyed it, such as it was. The weather did not cooperate at all!! I feel very cheated. Well now it has decided to become Fall right on schedule. Family I am holding out. I am not ready. My sweaters are packed very far away, my Fall shoes neatly in their boxes. Who are these people that look like they stepped out of a Fall fashion catalog the first cool day of the season. Now, I do plan to look fabulous this winter. I am going to be a frugalista like they say in the Target commercial. That’s right…all my clothes will come from Target much to my husband’s annoyance! (Those who know my husband will completely understand) He does not realize this leaves me more money to spend on shoes and pocketbooks. So for all of you passing me by with your sweaters, and boots and shawls and fabulous coats I say… you look marvelous. I just ask that you not make fun of the woman looking cold, wearing her summer sweater and flip flops. It will probably be me!


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