Monday, April 28, 2008

Tour Cancelled!

Okay, so my truck is not so trusty. in fact, right now I am not feelin it!! We broke down on the way back.

Fortunately, Donna has AAA so we called for help. After an hour [during the middle of the night mind you] a tow shows up but can't take my truck, why?, because there are five of us and we can't fit in the cab of the tow truck!!

He leaves... more waiting... next truck comes, it's big and thank GOD, Tricia has AAA Plus which gave us a tow of 100 miles. Fortunately, I have a cousin in South Jersey so I tell the driver to tow us there and we'd pay for the overage in mileage. We figured we'd crash with cousin Chrystal, get the truck fixed, head back to Jersey the next day.

So now we're snuggled in the large cab of the tow truck, April, Tricia, Donna and Robert were all in the back seat, which left, yeah, me in the front with the driver. After about 15 minutes on the road, I looked back and only Tricia was somewhat awake, her eyes warily on the driver, after a minute she hits Donna and says, "Keep your eyes on the driver, he's going to sleep!" and then proceeds to fall into a sleep coma of her own. Donna is now on the job, for about 3 minutes when she pulls at my sleeve and says, "Keep your eyes on the driver he's going to sleep!" and then down for the count she went. Now here I am almost in a deep sleep when I look over at the driver, who now has on his pajamas and night cap!! Okay, I figure, now I'm hallucinating.

I begin to talk to the driver about anything, I don't know this man but realize I must keep him awake. "So, do you like lemon icys?... There's nothing like a pretty rainbow!... Sometimes monkeys eat their young..." On and on I went for 2 HOURS!!!! Talking about anything that would keep me and the driver awake. He finally agrees to stop for coffee and comes back with... A SNAPPLE!!! I'm thinking, "Okay, that's not going to help you!" I said, "Where is the coffee?" He says, "Oh they were out!" "Hmm... a rest stop out of coffee???!!!?!?" I thought to myself, "Does he have a death wish? Are we about to die?" Well that little Snapple kept him fresh for about another 10 minutes and then I was at it again, "Did you know that 4 leaf clovers are rare?" "Do you like alligators?"
Finally, thank GOD, we made it to my cousin's house. We proceeded to pass out [well actually I passed out, the rest of the Pookalitas had their little naps!!!] We got up in the a.m., got the car fixed and got home.

Let's just say the Pooka World Tour will not be coming to a town near you, at least until I get a new truck!

A view from the road (did the tow truck driver have jokes?):

Your girls do this for the love of all of you:


  1. Dawn,
    Your story trip me out. Thank God you gals made it home safely.

  2. If you didn't have a struggle then there would be no testimony! God brought you ladies through and he will continue to do so. That little "road block" will not stop you sister's from "doing you"! When you are trying to do something positive for yourself or someone else, all kinds of trials will come your way but with the grace of God, that too shall pass. I love your sense of humor cause I could definitely picture you talking a mile a minute like "uh uh, he will not be driving off of this road with me in it"!