Monday, April 28, 2008

The Pooka World Tour - Howard U.!!

Ahhh… the blessings keep coming our way. We were invited to go down to Howard University for a book signing and product demo in the bookstore… nothing too big but nice still the same.

We were excited… they are already carrying some of our products and we figured it would be nice to get out and meet some of the students. This felt like the beginning of the Pooka World Tour! Getting out among our people at a historically Black college… there would be no stopping us after this. We decided to kick it up a notch and invite Robert from Just1Touch to give massages… y’know make a whole thing of it. We packed up in my trusty truck and the five of us headed down 95 South with a good feeling in our hearts. We went down on Thursday so we would arrive on campus Friday refreshed and ready.

We got up had a great breakfast and made our way to campus. The students were great, the staff of the bookstore was great and everyone who received a massage was overjoyed. It was a really nice event and we were glad to make it.

Here is a quick video snippet of our way into the bookstore:

Here is another quick peek of us inside:

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  1. You gals are doing it!. I am so proud of you. Keep us posted on the fun.