Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daniel Fasting


Happy New Year family!  I hope that 2015 is treating everyone well!!  As always the Pookalitas begin the year with our Daniel Fast.  It is a 21 day period to fast and pray. Eating restrictions are no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour/bread/pasta and only drinking water.  The purpose is to do without to focus on your relationship with God.  To read more of the bible, to pray and to silence out everything to hear His voice.  Now when we first started it was extremely hard for the foodie in me!  My Aunt Gloria says you shouldn’t “live for” things but family you know how I feel about food.  But you know…a funny thing happened.  As we do this each year the focus is less about the food and what we can’t have but more about the true intention of the fast.   The mind is a powerful thing but the spirit is more powerful.  Once your spirit decides what is important and what is not, everything falls in line.  Refocusing my attention to reading or to praying really does work.  I want to come out of this fast with clarity on the things that God knows I am praying about. I will not say it has been 100% easy but there is definitely a shift this time.  Life still happens with all the ups and all the downs but I feel covered and protected!  I feel like I am truly in the world but not of the world because fasting has set me apart.  I can be still and pray!  That has been powerful for me.  I guess this is my fasting testimony and I am proud to share it with my family.  The fasting officially ends this Sunday but I want to keep as much of the word and peace with me that I can.  I am a little anxious to jump back into the world.  I will not beat myself up if I fall off of the eating wagon but will make better choices.  I have also decided to fast the first week of every month because I can.  That will guarantee for me to start out and set a positive intention for each month.  God had big plans for me.  I just have to pray about it!
Peace Family!

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