Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 The Year of No Fear!

I have decided that this is the year of No Fear. In order not to have fear we need to learn the truth about ourselves. A couple of months ago a co-worker of mine who I have had many great talks about life and love, gave me a book called: Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts. Womanly Arts? Okay I thought what is this going to be about? Ain't I a woman? I already know how to get and keep a man, this is not what I need. Let me just say its not about getting a man but its about how to free yourself in order to have more fun in life.  No who couldn't use a little more fun.I always been known as an upbeat person, but the things she talks about in the book made me feel like I wasn't taking advantage of all of my "Arts." I had to ask myself was I having fun in my life? (Yeah I guess) What was I doing to have fun? (Stuff). Was it really fun? (Not as much as I would like). After reading the book and doing the exercises, I have learned about some of the things that have been holding me back and I am now ready to take on the world! I will not let fear stop me from being who I am and what I want to do. So I'm doing the Daniel Fast, working on a new financial plan courtesy of the "The Budgetnista"and I even joined a dance troupe where we are learning a dance routine that we will be performing this summer! This is the year to take a chance, get out there and live your life! Have Fun!!!

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