Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kale Days!!!

Greetings Family!!
Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the start of this fall season.  As the weather changes so does my dinner menu.  I use the oven and slow cooker more for those cold weather meals.  One thing that I decided to keep with me through the fall and winter is Kale!!  Now we all know that Kale is one of the best super foods.  Dawn talks about it almost as much as her nurtribullet if that is possible lol!  So…I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe.  And here we go:
Heat some olive oil (can also use coconut oil if you prefer) in a pan.  I usually just break apart my washed and dried Kale leaves and add them to the oil.  Just like you would sautee spinach.  Add your seasoning of choice (for me salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder).  I add a few tablespoons of water and put top on to steam the Kale.  Only for a minute or two because I want the Kale to still be a little crunchy.  Don’t sautee all the vitamins out lol!  Then for me the most important ingredient…some red wine vinegar!  I usually put a lot because it gives it a great tart twang (say that fast!) but start out with a little to see how you like it.  And family…that is it!  It is such a great side dish for meat or fish and it takes 10 minutes to prepare.  When I cooked it last I made it with poached salmon which I put on top of some spicy grits with the Kale on the side!  Family, I am not a chef but pretend to be one at home.  Enjoy!!

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