Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mommy Woods

Pooka family, it is with the deepest sadness that I write this blog as a remembrance to one of our Pooka Moms, Mommy Woods.  The Lord called her home last week after a fierce battle with cancer.  Mommy Woods was such a huge part of so many peoples’ lives. Although she gave birth to five beautiful daughters, between church, family and friends she had over 100 more daughters!!!  Our hearts are sooo heavy and words can’t express how difficult it is in dealing with her passing.  But we know one thing for sure….Mommy Wood was a true soldier for the Lord!  She instilled in all of us the love he has for us.  We take solace in knowing that she is free from pain and with our Lord and Saviour!  We love you Mommy Woods!!!!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful words about my mother. More than the love she had for Pooka...(and she used no other product...ever!), she loved each and every one of her Pookalitas for the talented, strong, ambitious young women you are! God's continued Blessings all..xo