Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pizza! Pizza!

I do my best to keep it healthy, I exercise, (somewhat) I eat right (most of the time, ok ok half of the time!) And I try to get plenty of rest (emphasis on TRY) I've given up red meat, pork and various other food items that are deemed unhealthy. Recently I was told that one of my sons needed to give up processed sugar, artificial flavoring and colorants, foods that are dairy based and foods that contain gluten. What's left huh? Bread and water? Oh no, can't have bread. Now I'm not one to lay down on a challenge so I go to my friendly neighborhood library and take out about 50 cookbooks on everything free food. I knew this was about to change all of our lives, so I had to get it right. Well I found a recipe for the one thing that my kids would never say no to: PIZZA! I ran to the store and brought everything I needed to make the best gluten,dairy free pizza ever! I raced home and put it all together it looked beautiful, the boys were so excited when I told them I had Made a special pizza for them! We all sat down and I cut the pizza giving everyone a healthy slice, we said our prayers and started was disgusting! I tried not to let it show on my face, Will was like" Uh Mom, this doesn't taste like the pizza we usually have," Wes then said "This is nasty!" Its a good thing I have 49 other cookbooks, there has got to be a good pizza recipe in one of them! If anyone knows of a good Gluten free please let me know!

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  1. There is an awesome world of unprocessed foods! Combos are endless! Try juicing, green smoothies, etc to start