Wednesday, May 9, 2012

With age comes political activism?

Morning Pooka Family! Hope everyone is enjoying the April showers of this spring season as we prepare for the summer! You know….I’ve always been a socially conscience person. Many of us are if you’re a part of our generation (born in mid to late 60’s). Our parents were first hand recipients of the civil rights movement so as a result we were taught of the inequities in our society and how we had to support other Black people, businesses and leaders. And although that was a part of my upbringing and I knew what I had to do (or was supposed to do) I didn’t always have the money or the time to support our Black programs, leaders or organizations. Now as I get older, I find myself making the time to do these things. So when an email or post comes into my inbox, instead of marking it as a follow-up item, I take the time to read it now and act upon it like the petitions for Trayvon Martin, rescinding the Shoot first laws, and even Michael Baisden’s petition to stay on the New York airwaves. And even the numerous emails I get from the Obama campaign…if we really want him to continue as our President for another term then we have to contribute to his campaign because it is very naïve of us to think that he’s going to be able to stay in office without our financial contributions and our going to the polls to vote. And even the We need to financially support the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee if we want to ensure that the Democratic’s control the house to help President Obama’s reforms get enacted. Like I said family, I know this in my head, now I am showing in my actions. I hope you will too!

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