Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If you got it.................

Recently I read an article in an online magazine about celebrity women in their 40's dressing too young for their age. What exactly does that mean I thought. I read about how Jada Pinkett Smith should give her daughter back her jeans,and I'm staring at the picture and really, Willow could be wearing her mother's jeans they were the same size! Is it Jada fault she's not fat and out of shape? NO! And how about Madonna? Yes the material girl is in her 50's but dog gone it, her body looks good! Should she just cover it up because of a number? NO! And how about Mariah Carey?............ Ok, I'll give you Mariah but its not because of her age, she just can't dress. I've seen lots of women in their 20 who don't look half as good as a woman in her 40's. Why is it that some people think its okay to dress a certain way because of your age but not because of what your body looks like? What are women in there 40's supposed to be wearing mumus?!! Get out of here! I'm gonna work it till the wheels fall off! Or at least untill my knees are too wrinkly to be seen! But then again at that point I probably won't care!

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  1. Honestly, the sexiest woman that I ever witnessed in person was Maya Angelou when she read, probably the sexiest poem I ever heard read in person that made me blush. She just became pure womanhood, womanity, and this was around the time of Clinton's inauguration when she was in her later 50s at the youngest, maybe young-60s? And I'll tell you, it wasn't about whatever she was wearing. It was the purity of her intention and the clarity of her spirit that made her just damned beautiful in every possible imaginable way to the degree that I didn't think about having sex with her - her poem didn't objectify herself or anyone - but in the act of reading it, I felt the power of her soul penetrate my mind and in that way, with her human loving-kindness, she made true love to my mind-heart-soul: agape-storge-philia above eros... but yeah. I love Erikkha Badu too, nude or rawking whatever look she wants. Women in charge of themselves with their minds opened to all the possibilities available to them are just plain irresistable. Every Woman & every man is a star if they find their inmost light in their heart & let it shine pure & true.