Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Tap Dance….Lady!!

Greetings Pooka Family! Hope everyone is well. I am still basking in the glow of a two week vacation. You don’t realize how much we do, every hour and every day until you take a much needed time out! I recommend it to all. One of the highlights of my vacation was meeting Savion Glover!! Now those of you that know me realize I have a tap dance dream! I want to be a tap dance SUPER STAR!!! I have always had an obsession with this art of dance. Something about the rhythm, movement and story that can be told through tap. It is a form of expression that is deep rooted way back to the Nicolas brothers all the way up to Savion. I feel like Savion is a cross between my son and my mentor lol! I have seen him perform as a child in the Tap Dance Kid to an adult in Bring the Noise on Broadway and beyond. Tap is his gift and talent (as a blabbed to him when I saw him!!) and I see that gift every time I watch him dance. I have not tapped since I went to the Evelyn Brown School of dance when I was five! However, I believe that it is never too late to follow your passion. I will one day buy a pair of tap shoes size large and I will tap my heart out! All of you will be invited to the recital. I didn’t get my lesson from Savion but I did get my picture!!

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