Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Older!

Greetings Pooka Family! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful October weather! Here in NJ we’ve had some 80? October days and some 60? days and I am not complaining one bit!

So recently we celebrated Dawn’s birthday and next month we will celebrate mine. We each react differently when our birthday’s come around so of course it sparked another one of our many discussions - if we could, what age would we like to return to i.e. high school or our 20’s or 30’s? As each of our responses varied, this got me thinking about our future and getting older. We usually joke about our age but then I began to think seriously. What will our lives be like when we reach our parents’ age? Will we be as active as some of them are with trips to Atlantic City, Senior Line Dance Classes and active participation in our respective churches? Will our destinies have taken us outside of Jersey to another state or even another country? Or will William, Wesley and Taiye have checked us into some Senior Living facility and have gone on with their lives! LOL!!! Whatever our senior years hold for us, there is one thing we all agree and that is what we do now will affect how healthy and happy our senior living will be. With that said, we all made a renewed focus on eating right, exercise and reducing the level of stress in our lives today. As our bodies and minds grow older, we are not able to readily adapt to the evolutionary change as we could in our younger years. Therefore, it is imperative that we keep our minds strong with thinking exercises like crossword puzzles, suduko and game shows like Jeopardy and of course reading books; and keep our bodies limber with exercise and healthy eating. We look at our parents and think about how proud we are that they are embracing their age with how they have chosen to live their lives and we hope that we can emulate the example they provide by simply living gracefully!

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