Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gender or Race???

Greetings Family! Hope all is well. I was talking with my sisters and just reflecting on life as we often do. I made the comment that I felt especially favored that God made me a woman of color! I am proud of the skin I am in!! I would never change the color of my skin or the gender of my body. It then led us to a deeper conversation which posed the question….Are you a black woman or a woman who is black??? So fellow Pooka family, I pose to you the same question. I know that you, our family, are made up of many different nationalities. I also know that our Pooka family contains many men! So do you define yourself by your race or origin, by your gender or maybe you are just from Jersey! Interesting discussion to have and I would love to hear your thoughts. Oh me…….I am a black woman!
Didn’t you see my fro!

Peace Family

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