Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get Me to a Trainer!

Hey Family! Happy summer! This past 4th of July weekend was a blast. Lots of sun, lots of fun and of course lots of eating. My favorite things lol! Also celebrated Daddy Fitch’s birthday…..go Daddy! Now as I ease my way back into the work week I hear that voice again. That after a long weekend voice that says “Donna did you exercise today??” Now family I don’t particularly like that voice but I can never seem to drown it out. Sometimes that voice sounds just like my husband’s but I digress. I should be inspired by my sister April running her way through Raleigh. Tricia and I have not run since our last debacle lol! But I still hear that voice. I used to be a contender people! I would work out with a trainer at 5:30 am three days a week. That seems like so very long ago. I just can’t seem to find the right thing to motivate me. My name is Donna and I hate working out! There I have said it. Now that I acknowledge it maybe I can overcome this obstacle. I tried yoga, which I actually do like. It is also much more challenging than people think. I just can’t seem to make it there on a regular basis and the studio is located next to a pizza parlor…really yoga people! I tried Zumba which was also fun. I didn’t realize I was going to pass out because I was distracted by the great music. Again…that Zumba instructor keeps dancing her way to a new location which I can never find. My husband and I have been doing a two mile walk around the neighborhood and that has been fun. While walking we passed the local tennis courts and I inquired about lessons. I was all set to become the next Serena Williams until I found out I had to pay! We need to watch our wallets in this day and time family. But I will not give up! Exercise is mandatory for good mental and physical health. It also helps to keep us tight as we get a little older…you know what I am saying Pooka sisters! I will continue my quest until I can write to share the fabulous work out regimen that is custom fit for me. Hmmmm…does tap dancing count as exercise!



  1. You are not alone. I have the same problem. I tried having a friend workout with me and scheduled our workouts in my calendar. I held my friend and myself accountable and started looking forward to it. I also changed my commute and started taking the railroad and walking to/from Penn Station to work (2.8 miles a day). Its not easy but you have to squeeze it in someway somehow. Try Zumba at home. I have the DVD and its fun!!

  2. I swear you are not alone! I was walking every night then it got hot and uhm lazy took over as usual! I have to figure out something!