Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taiye's 1st Day

Hey Pooka Family! This is Taiye's first week at Day Care.Yay! We were so excited about sending her to school (as we call it) so she can socialize with other children while giving me a chance to do some household chores without her reaching up for my boobs! My husband and I were very excited when we finally decided on which day care we would send her to. It was a long process of research, interviewing different providers, making sure they were curriculum-based and getting us mentally prepared to send our daughter into someone else's care for 6-8 hours a day. Since my return to work in March, Taiye has been home with a babysitter/nanny and me. I am very fortunate to be able to work from home so I'm right upstairs while she's downstairs playing, laughing and singing. But now I'm this quiet house without the sounds of my daughter downstairs...ugh!!!!! I MISS HER SOOOO MUCH!!!! I can't believe how much I was looking forward to this day and now that it's here, I can't focus on anything except what time I will go and pick Taiye up today! The things we take for granted. Needless to say, she is adjusting much better than I am. When I went to pick her up the first day I was sooo anxious! I went into the play yard and her "teacher" said to me, "oh no Mommy, you can't pick her up now; we are having too much fun! It's only 3:00, what are you doing here so early?" Humf.I came to get my baby! Taiye is up on the slide coming down. She gets to the bottom and I yell, "Taiyeeeee! Hi Taiye!" Taiye looks up at me and waves...and then she goes right back to playing! What just happened? Where's my; Mommy, I missed you!

I am so happy that she is adjusting well to her new environment, as for me, I start therapy next week to help me deal with my separation anxiety. :(

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