Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grandmas Suggestion....

Hey Pooka Family!
I had a feeling that one day one or both of my children would need glasses. Having worn glasses since fourth grade myself and having parents that both wear glasses pretty much guaranteed that the bad eye genes would pass on. So when William started sitting on top of the T.V. to see what was on, I pretty much knew who was next in line. We went to our friendly neighborhood eye doctor who confirmed that Will needed glasses and we picked out a nice pair that made him look even more handsome and studious.We had a long discussion about the glasses how to take care of them, the importance of them blah blah blah... Well if I had remembered what wearing glasses was like for me in elementary school I would have gotten two coke bottles and made him a pair! At first he did great,he wore them when he should reading, doing homework and everything was fine. Then of course the day came when he didn't bring them home. I didn't worry too much, I just reminded him that he needed to remember them and bring them home. Well he remembered the next day but next week they were MIA again. "Where are your glasses?" "Huh mom?"( Me trying not to lose my temper") Your glasses where are they?" " Oh I don't know." "You don't know?" (Me losing my temper)" I think their in my backpack."
"Well get them!" " Okay" " Mom, they aren't there." After another long discussion about responsibility, the glasses were brought home without incident. Then they broke. " What happened?" (Me again trying not to lose my temper) "I don't know I picked them up and they just fell apart."..............................."They just fell apart" (Me with my right arm holding tightly to my left so I don't just knock him over)" Yeah" "Okay another lecture on how he has to be careful with the glasses they are delicate. I was able to send the glasses back to the Drs. office and have the frame replaced because they were still under warranty. Great! Glasses come back and less that two weeks later Will comes home with an arm missing. " What happened to your glasses." (At this point I'm yelling all control gone.") "I was sitting on the bus and it hit a big bump and my glasses broke." " What!!!!" " I was sitting on the bus, I heard you!" I called my mom who is my go to person when something parenting wise goes wrong. I explained the story to her, and she said "Beat him".(Oh No Celie!)" What!!! " He has to understand that he can't just break his glasses and its okay, You got plenty of beatings. " I guess they beat me in my head because I don't remember ever losing my glasses. Well I couldn't I should have but I didn't. I told him, " You better find that arm and bring it home or I'm going to beat you." (IT WAS GRANDMA'S SUGGESTION).
Well the next day Will comes home and tells me that he found the arm to his glasses. I'm like "Great!! I can fix them myself and we haven't missed a beat! He looks through his backpack and then he says: " Its not in there." I then took my mothers suggestion. Needless to say on Monday Will brought the arm to his glasses home, I can't fix them because of the way they broke so I have to buy him a new pair. Morale of the story: Take Grandma's suggestion the first time!

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