Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Will They Say About You…

Greetings Pooka Family,

I come to you very quiet and humble today. Our family has suffered the loss of a dear sweet Uncle and that loss is still very fresh. The home going for my Uncle was one of the most beautiful I have witnessed. It was as beautiful as him. One of the things I was struck by was how intimately the pastor knew my Uncle and how it was so easy for him to speak his words because of the relationship he had with my Uncle. My Uncle had an easy spirit which touched everyone that came in contact with him. His final resting place was very far from where he was born. Yet, his new community embraced him. He touched them like old familiar friends as only my Uncle could. It just made me think about my relationships. My friends from kindergarten to new faces I met last week. What would the people that have been a part of my lifetime say about me? Would they remember me? Did I leave a lasting impression? Was I kind, was I funny? Did I give them a word of good advice when they really needed it? Did I appreciate them? Was I a good listener? Do those in my heart know that I love them? When they see my name on caller id do they want to pick up the phone?? We sometimes don’t see ourselves as others do which is both good and bad. We hopefully live our lives being the best person that we know how to be. When we get it right those relationships will be blessed. When we get it wrong we pray to live and learn so we can get it right the next time. Family we can’t go back. So hopefully through our life journey we did ok and people will smile when they hear your name. So I ask….what will they say about you?

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  1. I wish I could have been there. R.I.P. Uncle Donald !!!!!!