Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just do it!

Pooka family, you know its only in times of extreme emergency that we (people) as a collective whole, realize that the things we want (new cars, clothes etc.) and aspire for are meaningless when we are faced with devestation. This has been a very tough week for millions of people. First a friend of ours from college called to let us know her son was killed. Another young black man murdered in the city over nothing. Leaving his family devestated and trying to pick up the pieces. In times like these what can you say, could anyone have done anything to change this? A kind word, a stern word, a prayer? I think Michael Baisden has the right idea, we need to help our people, ALL OF OUR PEOPLE. Because every boy or girl you see is YOUR child. Our legacy(which is our children) is dwindling and we are letting it go through our hands like sand. I know there is somebody in everybody's family that needs some kind of help. Reach out, ask folks! They will be glad you did and so will you.

To our Haitian Family, we pray for you in your time of need. This has been a devestating event that is just undescribable. We also pray that everyone in the USA and abroad will be able to find their loved ones safe and that everyone gets the help that they need. I am proud to be an American and I am proud of our president and all of the nameless people, REAL PEOPLE all over the world who are comming together to help save Haiti. For the rest of us that can't go to Haiti to help, send some money, it doesn't have to be a lot and there are plenty of organizations that you can give to. Make 2010 your year to help somebody else! Come on people, just do something!

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