Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Me!!!!

Greetings Pooka Family. Happy New You! I have decided that is my theme for 2010. I am not going to make a list of resolutions that I never keep. I choose instead for optimal health and happiness and I believe that is about the choices we make. I know that I need an exercise regimen this year but it is about finding one that is fun. That may mean yoga, pilates or even kick boxing! I will take my vitamins and be more careful about what I put into my body but if I really want that double chocolate chip cookie once in a while it’s ok. The food police won’t arrest me. I will make time to read those books to keep my brain juices flowing. I will work on my friendships because sometimes a “just sending an email because I am thinking of you” can make the difference in someone’s day. I will keep my personal relationship new and fresh. Watch out husband!! I will make sure to have plenty of dates with myself. We all need to remember to just sit still and listen. I will remember to pray about everything!!!!! I will smile more than I frown and I will be slow to anger by always giving everyone the benefit of a doubt. We have to remember that we never know what kind of day someone has had, what is going on in their home life or that sometimes people just have a bad day. I am hopeful family for the days ahead in this new year. Let’s all decide to be happy. Make sure your choices lead you to this goal. 2010 I hope you are ready for me because I am ready for you!!!

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