Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Family Vacation

Happy Thanksgiving Pooka Family! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Wale, Taiye & I went on vacation right before Thanksgiving. Wale and I like going to non-traditional vacation spots i.e. for our honeymoon we went to Bali, then the following year we went to Phuket, Indonesia, but now that we have Taiye, we need to be a little more conservative with our choices so this year we went to Costa Rica. Taiye did great on the flight coming and going. When we touched down at our layover the gentleman behind us said that she was the best baby he'd ever flown with! While in Costa Rica, Taiye stole the show again! Every morning when we went to breakfast the hostess and the waitresses would come over and ask if they could take her while we were eating our breakfast. I let them take her but I told Wale to keep his eye on them! I made sure I took a picture of them because if our baby came up missing I knew who to look for!

Unfortunately we didn't get to do the things we normally like to do when we vacation like exploring the native country sites outside of the resort: the rainforest, visiting the volcano, horseback riding. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time just being together as a family! I'm looking forward to next year's family vacation. If you've visited any baby-friendly or kid-friendly resorts please let me know!

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