Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying the friendly skies

Well family Will and Wes took their first airplane ride for Thanksgiving two weeks ago and of course it went the way it usually goes......Crazy!!!
Our flight was at 6:30am so we had to get up by 4:30am, everyone was excited so they moved pretty quickly. We got to the airport's long term parking and ran for the bus to take us to the airport. (Now if you've ever run with small children more than likely your not gonna make it.) We missed the bus of course, but that was okay because 10 minutes later another one came.
We make it inside and wait on the longest line in the history of mankind, thats when people started getting a little antsy. "Why is this taking so long," " I'm hungry" "Why are all of these people here?" "I'm hungry"" Where is the plane?" "I'm hungry" So I just had to tune them out. Finally we get to the point where we have to take off our coats and shoes and put them and our luggage in a bin (easier said than done!) I had explained all of this before hand but of course nobody remembered....."Why do I have to take off my shoes?" "I'm cold I want to leave my coat on?"" This bag is heavy!" "I'm hungry". William finally got all of his stuff off and in the bin goes through the metal detector and makes it to the other side. Meanwhile I'm taking off mine and Wesley's sneakers, coats, and bookbags and trying to stop Wesley from running all the way past the other side without his sneakers, coat and backpack! Not to worry we get stopped on the other side because the x-ray picked up something in Will's backpack. As we are lead over to the side like common criminals Will is shouting at me "Why Mommy Why! What did you put in my backpack!"
Everyone is looking at us. Of course it was our snack bag, (which every good parent carries, if you care about your kids and your money!) all of our juices, chips and and sweetsnacks.While the agent explains that certain things can't go through, I hear another agent yelling "Who's luggage is this?" I look over and of course its mine, through all of the commotion I had forgotten to put my luggage on the belt. People started shrinking away from my luggage like it was a monster. " Its mine" I call out holding onto Wesley so he doesn't get away. Now I'm on one side and my luggage is on the other, you would think they would pick my luggage up and put it on the belt for me. NO the agents all just kind of stood there looking at it, finally another passenger picked it up and put it in a bin and sent it to me. (Thanks again guy!) We finally wrap up with the first agent (she let us keep our juices :)
make our way to the gate and got on our plane! Will and Wes were very good on the plane and were even able to sit in the cockpit, where they got their wings! I just decided not to think about the trip home!

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