Thursday, December 3, 2009

The more things change…..the more they CHANGE!

Well Pooka family this weekend we had our new Pookalita photo shoot!
We decided to do so after going to an event, putting up our official Pookalita
poster(above) and overhearing a young gentlemen saying “Well where are the girls in that picture?” DEVESTATING, LOL! Here we are putting up that photo everywhere we go and not even considering that it was 6 ½ years old. So, we decided to have a new and updated photo shoot. The morning of the shoot, we all met at Pooka and decided to re-do our old shoot. “No problem” we thought. Well after looking at the old pictures and looking in the mirror we all decided, THINGS had CHANGED! We donned our spanx, and stage make-up(things we didn’t need 6 ½ years ago) and sat in front of the camera. We tried to recreate our official Pookalita picture, but it seemed we weren’t even the same height anymore! Could osteoperosis have shrunk us already, its only been 6 ½ years! Then we decided to add the kids in the photo, only Will was here the first time, now there were 2 more! Where did they come from?! Well we sucked it in, held our breath and smiled and all in all we had a great day, but I think the statement now goes, “The more things change, they more they stay the same IN YOUR MIND!” Below are 2 pics from our new photo shoot, more to come!
ps. We saved our energy to do that one jumpy shot after that the shoot was OVER!LOL!

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