Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Jackson Five!

I miss Michael Jackson. When I look back at it Michael Jackson has been through every part of my life with me. He was definitely my first crush, Donna and I would argue over who gets Michael and she would have the nerve to always throw Marlin or Randy my way(sorry guys) but I held out for Michael all the time. We would put that record on and played it until the grooves wore off and it was funny because growing up we lived on one floor and we played that record in our living room for hours and just recently Donna and I looked at each other and said, "Where were mommy and daddy?" I asked my mother and she just laughed, "Yes girls, your father and I were very patient, LOL!". We actually saved our own money to buy that album which made it even more special and our very first concert, yup, the Jacksons. We've known them our entire lives. Growing up we would play Jackson Five with friends of our family and we would do all the steps. We each had fedora hats borrowed from our dads (except for me, now that I think about it,since I was the youngest and we were out of cool hats, they always made me wear my ski cap, not cool guys, not cool) and sang all night long. There was always a song along my path to adulthood from "ABC" to "Thriller" to "You give me Butterflies". And please tell me what girl didn't put on the knee pads and straighten out her bangs and try to jump over a chair like Janet did in the pleasure principle?!!!Who else except family has been with you through everything! I will always love Michael Jackson, The Jacksons and Janet! yeah, yeah randy and marlon too, Donna!


  1. Great story Dawn! I will miss him too, I remember being in the 6th grade having the jacket and all the buttons of him on each side! my wall was covered with his posters and so many other greats! Wonderful days and memories, We danced Michael Jackson at birthdays, my Sweet 16, my wedding! His music will live on forever!! and Janet, love her too! my song till this day well one of the many "That's The Way Love Goes" I love that song!!

  2. My love Jones was Jermaine in those early years. Till "Off the wall" came out. Then I became a MJ convert OH YEAH! and When I saw "Billie Jean" on MTV for the first time, I was a gonner. And if anyone remembers that photo of him wearing white with the yellow vest, that is when I knew I wanted to have his baby (lol) I miss him so much!. The Jacksons have been a part of my life before I was born. One of my mom and Dad's first dates was to see the the Jackson 5 at the apollo theatre in 1969. So I feel like I grew up with them. I did not get to go to the Victory Tour Concert in 1984, but I saw Michael on his "Bad" tour 4 years later. There is no one like him and never will be.