Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yeah, yeah...ok I am back: Welcome Back Kotter!!!

Greetings Pooka Family!!

It's me….Donna….the one who never writes…..the anti-blogger!! I can't believe it is May already. I kept meaning to write and time just passed me by. Do you know what I mean Pooka family?? So much happening and so little time to write. What has been happening with you Pooka family? Did anyone miss me?? I have been keeping up with all of you through my Pookalita sisters. The most difficult step is the first one. Now that I have written this I am back!! So many topics to discuss…: Almost summer and my backyard oasis is still in progress, experimenting with new recipes from your favorite Foodie(can you say lasagna in a crock pot!!,Right Denise!!), a new health & wellness regime in effect(does anyone know about high blood pressure), the ultimate anniversary trip…(almost 3 wonderful years of marriage in October!!,Right Husband!!), hmmm…...winning the Mega Million vs Working, WILL I EVER HAVE A BABY?!(now that blog might continue straight through until 2010 …not sure if I want to go there), still love Barack and Michelle and the girls and new puppy even more…(if that is humanly possible), Is it likely that anyone else despises the Geico commercial where the money has eyeballs more than me!! So many more topics but I will not share now so I can actually write about them. It is good to be back family because I realize that it is I who have missed you. Until next time no really…..I promise!

Ps-Dawn I saw your little blog prank and now I am finished writing because I am going to tell Mommy!

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