Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Nose knows!

Okay so everybody knows I have two children, William (7) and Wesley (3). Now you would think that having two of the same sex children would be easy right? I mean whatever you did for the first one that worked should work on the second, WRONG!!!!! I have two completely different children, that Wesley is a work of art. Everyone always says that the second/middle child is the one to watch out for and boy are they right! The second/middle one talks faster and LOUDER, jumps higher, and eats way more that the first! The first one cares about mommy's feelings and doing the right thing, the second/middle doesn't care about doing the right thing or ANYONE'S feelings but their own. The first one likes to be clean, the second one LOVES dirt!!! I can actually deal with ALL of that EXCEPT for one thing! Wes loves to stick stuff up his nose! You don't understand how many times I've had to dig up that boys nose to retrieve, peas, raisins, rocks etc. I just don't understand it! I ask him "Why are you sticking things up your nose?"
He just looks at me and says "Because I want to!" Because you want to? WHAT? " Do you think mommy likes digging up your nose?" "Yes."................................. Insanity. But I guess I get what I deserve being the second/middle child myself!

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