Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let’s try this again!

Well everyone we are going to try this again! Another Pooka road trip! You might remember how our last Pooka tour road trip to Howard University ended? Yeah, check out the video, let’s just say it was a long journey home, LOL! Today is going to be a different story! We are on our way to Raleigh, NC to the 2009 Women’s Empowerment Expo. Very excited! We will have a booth(#12) but we will also be teaching a seminar on natural beauty products. If you are in Raleigh make sure to stop by. It’s at the RBC center, Saturday, March 14. Now make sure you stay tuned to the blog because I will be updating you and letting you know how the weekend is going. Let me start off by saying it will be me, Cathy, April and my parents riding down in a mini-van, right off the bat this has makings of a great blog, LOL! Donna’s flying in Friday night and Robert and the crew from Just1touch are driving the U-Haul for us! Also since momma Tricia is due in 8 DAYS! She can’t make the trip but she wanted to work the warehouse this Saturday!!!!! She’s stubborn so there was no telling her “NO”. She told me to make a sign that she can put on the warehouse door just in case she goes into labor and has to leave quickly (now that’s dedication!) So if you drop by the warehouse on Saturday make sure you bring hot water, towels and rubber gloves, you might be delivering our next Pookalita, LOL!

Stay Tuned………


  1. I attended the seminar that you all presented at Woman's empowerment and I thought that it was great. You all have inspired me to go totally organic. I was already using some products that were organic, but I am going all the way. It will be difficult for the family, but since I set the tone they will have to follow my beat. In the long run they will see that it was for their health and well being.

    I am the young lady who was sitting in the front and mentioned that I heard you on the M. Baisden show.


  2. I bought several products this weekend at Woman's Empowerment and I am now a supporter of Pooka. I love the light fragrance and the fact that the products are not greasy. I am forever a customer.