Thursday, March 26, 2009

She's Finally Here!

Our little Pooka girl is finally here! After a long labor Tricia delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl on Monday. For all that entered the contest she was 7lbs even, so we'll let you know who the winner is! Taiye Amanda Akinwande, now for those of you who are challenged like myself It's pronounced Tie - A. I always think of the song Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the old Oak Tree (Okay that just made me seem really old!) Tie A!!

Let me walk you through a little bit of Tie-A's birth......We got the call at midnight from hubby and he said he was taking her in. I was prepared to go to the hospital and Tricia would push and the baby would be here. Now let me explain, Tricia is our "Pit Bull" she's tough as nails, so we knew this would be no problem for her. Well........while hubby was telling us he was on his way there was some slight screaming in the back ground! What is that?" THAT'S TRICIA!!!, he screamed. Wow, I was floored, could pregnancy turn the pit bull into the puppy? We all raced to the hospital and there was our little Tricia lets just say quite uncomfortable! We rallied around her and hubby, held her hand, counted through contractions, made her breath and did anything we could do to make it easier. We were like the 3 stooges, at one point feeling nauseous she announced she might have to throw up and with as many adults in the room the best we could find was a Styrofoam cup which I proudly held under her mouth as she filled it and my hand and the bed and the floor! What did you eat! I yelled. Oh I had a Ricky Riccardo from Cuban Pete's and tuna fish and some girl scout cookies! Ladies and gentlemen these are 3 items that are now permanently removed from my food rotation. She was finally able to get some sleep and after the pain medication kicked in she even paid some Pooka bills! What dedication! So after almost 24 hours of labor little Taiye came into the world. Once Tricia was in her room she looked at April and said, WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME!!!! We all cracked up and April just smiled. Can I say and not because I'm biased as an auntie, but this is one of the cutest little girls I've seen in a long time! Now I'll have more Auntie blogs to add to the millions William and Wesley have given me!



  1. Congrats! She's beautiful and looks healthy. Thank you Lord. Mommy's hair looks good.
    Bye - from your loyal customer from YouTube world

  2. She's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations Tricia and Wally. U did good! And so did the rest of the pookalitas...nothing like sharin in the pains of labor first hand! (well, sorta)Let's say, up close and personal!(at best) Enjoy your new addition...May God Bless her. Love, Lori

  3. YAY - Congrats Tricia, Wally and Baby Taiye. WOW she has her eyes open - most likely that food Tricia ate before going into labor "A real eye opener".
    I saw you Sunday and I said, "OK she is still here". I couldn't make it over to you before you left the bldg.
    I am not a bit surprised about the pic with the laptop, knowing Tricia she needed something to keep herself busy - WELL get prepared young lady you bout to be REAL BUSY.
    All the best and God bless!!

    Love ya Carin

  4. She is adorable. Congrats to the whole Pooka family. :)