Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes WE can!!!!!

Greetings Family! I am still in another atmosphere due to President Elect Barack Obama!!! I am so filled with pride and joy to be able to see this in my lifetime. We are truly part of history. The first African American president of the United States!!! Every time I say it I am truly overwhelmed and sometimes led to tears due to this most awesome event. I truly believe that this is something bigger than Barack and that he is truly a messenger sent when he was needed. I will not continue that sermon though and will save that for another blog. I do want to say that part of this legacy is us. That’s right, you and me. A large part of Barack Obama’s message is about hope and about change from the bottom up as he has said over and over again. With all of the history in the making and all the excitement I hope that people really get that. We are already seeing the naysayers waiting to see what Barack will do. How will he save us they ask?? When he becomes President all will be right with the world!! We all need to know that a large part of the change has to come from us. There will be no quick fixes. This is going to be a journey that Barack has started but that WE must follow. That whole grass roots movement that made this the most successful presidential campaign ever must continue. OUR work has just begun. Now is not the time to sit back to see what Barack Obama will do but to look into the mirror to ask ourselves what will WE do as our part in this world plan. Yes WE can family! Yes WE can!!! I dare you!!!


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  1. Right on, sister! I just left a comment for your colleague before reading your comment. I could have saved me some thinking (although it did me some good) by just referring her to your comment.