Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Favorite Holiday

For many people, Christmas is looked upon as their favorite holiday.not me. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving to me is my Carte Blanche card to eat until my heart's content! Every year I look forward to my favorite meal - turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce. In addition to that, I can't wait for the hot buttered rolls, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, collard greens, and string beans. During the first 10 months of the year, I try to maintain a healthy diet. I rarely eat any of these dishes but when Thanksgiving rolls around - all diets and healthy eating are off; no organic items; for me; and I'll pass on the sugar-free or low sugar deserts. I want what I've been waiting for all year long and that's the traditional Thanksgiving dinner! That to me is what Thanksgiving is all about; notwithstanding, the time to spend with your family and friends. J So Pooka family, if you see me at the warehouse carrying an extra couple of pounds after Thanksgiving, know that I put on those pounds with a smile on my face and a turkey leg in my hand. Enjoy the holidays!javascript:void(0)
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