Thursday, November 20, 2008

What do I do now!

Okay, most of you know how much I was into the campaign and elction. I feel like I played a small part in the election of our First African American president. I talked about it, blogged about it, I sent some cash, I even made phone calls to undecided voters in PA and now I find myself with a lot of free time! Don’t get me wrong I am still on an Obama high but there is no need to rush home and watch MSNBC or CNN, no more throwing around my political knowledge, staying up late to watch SNL or anything!
It kind of feels like (what I would imagine) the day after a wedding! A year of planning and then when the day is over, now what? A lot of folks have been feeling the same way not realizing just how much time they had invested this past year and a half. I need a new cause! Anybody have anything in mind?


  1. Donate your time to a worthy cause Dawn...I try to do community service at least once a week and I work with a non profit organization...It takes a good part of my time...

  2. As Barack would say, .. "this is important.."

    The answer is in his acceptance speech, and also in many speeches he has made along the way. The message is this, he cant do it alone and we all have to get to work. So, continue to educate yourself on issues that are important to you and on the change you seek. "Change comes from the bottom up...". You cant sleep now, because if as you say you help get him in. Then you should be ready to help make him a good president.

    I feel like I'm watching history unfold in front of me. What I mean is, in five years or 15 years (without being presumptuous) I dont want to be just reading about what decisions were taken or events that took place after the election or inauguration. So I'm taking the time now to read and educate myself about how his administration is shaping up and how he is making decisions and what issues are being tackled, in real time. That way, when it's time to mobilize once again, I'll be ready.

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