Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Oasis….2008!

Greetings Family!

Is anyone as sad as me that summer is coming to an end? Yes, I said coming, because I am still wearing my flip flops. Once I pack those up then summer is officially over. Summer is truly my favorite. I like the sweater weather, leaves falling season…and of course the holidays. There is just something about summer though. Less fuss, less clothing, eating outside (you knew I was throwing that in!!) Just more relaxed. Oh well…..until next year. I wanted to let you know how my Oasis closed out for the season. I will say that it was a hit! Remember the furniture from the porch….moved to the back yard to add to the existing patio set up and it completely changed the Oasis! We had a few soirĂ©es and even lit our fire pit at night. Quite comfy cozy!! There is still so much to be done…still need more landscaping, outdoor couches with matching pillows and I didn’t get my lights. But...I will be shopping for those in the off season. I actually have a list and next year I may have to charge to get into the Oasis!! I am trying to get hubby to have one or two more cookouts while the weather is still warm but he doesn’t seem to be going for it. We are still recouping from the last event. He thinks we need to start thinking about packing in our Oasis. Can anyone say football season!! Hmmmmm....maybe if I move the tv to the Oasis. Bye summer….I will miss you most!

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