Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eggs and Apple..........head.

My friend whom I affectionately call "Applehead" frequently calls me with questions about cooking. You see, Applehead is good at many things, but cooking isn't one of them! Her typical cooking questions are whether or not something is still fresh and okay to cook or eat or what pan should she broil chicken in or how long should she cook something. Well, I posted this blog to address one of her questions. This one's just for you Applehead..
Here's a handy way to tell whether the eggs in your refrigerator are still fresh:

Place an egg at the bottom of a glass full of water and watch what happens:
•If the egg lies at the bottom on its side, it's fresh.
•If the egg sinks, but with one end up, it's getting old but is still edible.
•If the egg floats at all, you should buy some fresh ones.

This test is effective because eggshells are porous - over time they dry out, letting air in and moisture out. If you prefer using egg whites, then save some time and money by buying eggs in bulk and separating them right away. Egg whites freeze very well and can even be kept for up to three or four days, covered, in the refrigerator

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