Sunday, September 28, 2008

Between the Olympics and the Presidential Race…..I need a Nap!!!

Greetings Family!
Well I am writing this entry on the first official day of fall. Can you believe it! My lovely summer has come to an end just when I needed to recline on my patio one last time. Just when I need a nap the most. I already feel (like most of us) that I am always playing beat the clock. Family I am not winning!! Just when I couldn’t add one more thing to my plate it was time for the Olympics. I ate right, exercised and got myself in the best shape possible. After the opening ceremony I was ready. I played volleyball, I did gymnastics, I swam with Michael Phelps and I ran with Usain Bolt. I was in it people….every night until the closing ceremony! Now I must mention that I took a break from politics to attend the Olympics but was immediately called back by my party. They needed me! I was back to debating, back to refuting or supporting political analysis given by everyone and their mother. I marched, I rallied, I made phone calls, I helped register people to vote and still have a long way to go. We are getting ready for our first debate with the candidates and I have to be ready people. I could be called at the last minute to give my expert opinion. I have never lived and breathed an election as I have this one. I am part of history in the making and I never forget that. So I just have to take some extra vitamins to get myself together. No time for naps now!! We have an election to win! Well….I have to cut this short. I think that is CNN calling on my cell!

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