Tuesday, November 10, 2015

somthin, somthin, just ain't right!

My two boys are very different when it comes to food. William is a picker, he only likes certain things Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Soup ( ramen noodles only) Pizza, Pizza, Spinach (Thank you Lord!) and Pizza. If it doesn't look right he's not eating it. Different food groups can not touch and has to be served super hot! So of course I try to feed him everything I can, which is a struggle for both of us. Wesley on the other hand will eat dirt if it has ketchup on it. There is NOTHING my baby doesn't like. Wait there is one thing: scrambled eggs. Other than that he will eat everything and more I place in front of him without complaint. His love of food is a concern because sometimes he will eat too much and make himself sick. So on one hand I'm shoving food down Will's throat and on the other I'm taking food away from Wes. Talk about stress! Anyhoo! One day I went into the kids room to put something back and I smelled this horrible smell. The boys were in there playing video games. I asked them what was that smell was and they were like" We don't smell anything" (I don't understand how they can never smell anything.) " What do you mean I say, it smells disgusting." I didn't know if they were in there just hanging loose ( passing gas) or what. I start sniffing around opening drawers and looking under stuff but I couldn't find anything. Ok maybe that was a figment of my imagination, but I know I smell something where is it? As I sit on the end of Wesley bed, thinking maybe he had an accident in it, I notice the top of his post wasn't screwed on all the way. I reach over to screw it back on right and the wave of disgusting smell hits me! There was something in the bedpost! What is this I scream! Everyone looks at me, Wesley slowly walks over and looks down into the bedpost. " I don't know, but it stinks." " REALLY?" I look in the bedpost and see some water, I tell Will to go and get me a plastic bowl. He brings it back and I have them lift the bed up while I unscrew the bottom of the post. What comes out is the foulest liquid stench you have ever smelt, and a banana stem. "You shoved a banana in the post" I yell at Wesley. Wesley said "No..... I ate the banana."
Lord give me strength......

Peace & Blessings

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