Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Morning Pooka Family!!  For this blog I’m going to jump right in…yesterday Taiye told me that she wants to straighten her hair.  I was devastated!!  I have tried so hard to instill in her the love of self and her beautiful natural curly hair but I knew I was up against a huge adversary with her being one of very few little black girls in her school.  I asked her why she wanted to straighten it and she said that she is always playing with the other little girl’s straight hair and she wants to be able to play with her own plus it takes so long for you to do in the morning that’s why we’re always running late.  Ugh!!!! I have failed as a mother!!!  I thought that she was okay with her curly hair, despite the ouches every day when I moisturize and fluff those beautiful black curls.  Her Aunties all have curly hair and they encourage her and tell her how beautiful her hair is and she gets so many compliments from the aftercare staff as well as from people who pass us on the street.  But again…I have somehow failed at instilling in my daughter that yes the other little girls in her class have long, straight hair and your hair is beautiful and curly.  I don’t want to deny her the experience of having straight hair so I will take her to the salon and let her get it blown out but I am prayerful that she will miss the uniqueness of her curls and hope that this too shall pass.
Open to any words of wisdom from other moms of little girls as well as naturalistas.  Keep praying for me Pooka family on this journey to raise a strong confident little girl!  It takes a village!
Peace & Blessings,

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