Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bye Geese!

So in order to get ready for spring I decided to start running again. Now I used to run when I lived in North Carolina and I loved it. (there are a lot of things I loved about NC but thats not what this story is about) So after a year and a half of not doing anything I got up yesterday morning and headed for the park. I started walking around the track at first, just to loosen myself up for running (yeah right). when I noticed a flock of Canadian Geese. Now we all have heard the stories about how these geese like to attack people and being that they are pretty big its not so easy just to walk by them. Of course my lazy bones were like "don't do it, go back home! "The geese will get you!""No lazy bones I'm here so I have to do it!" It took every inch of my willpower to walk around that part of the track but I made it. I didn't look there way, so they seemed not to see me. Feeling a little cocky now I decided to jog a little bit, as I was jogging I noticed that some of the geese had moved a little closer to the track. OOOOOkay? I slowed down a little bit, because I wanted to make sure if I had to run I had some energy to run. Ok so I went around a couple of more times with no incident until  a couple of geese decided to stand on the track blocking my way just as I was coming around so I said Wooh! and looked at them, they looked back at me and hissed! I started pumping! I didn't even turn around, ran all the way to my car and looked back to see them just standing there. Dam geese....trying to stop me from getting my workout on!  So today I joined a gym. lol!

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