Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PARCC/Common Core Curriculum

Morning Pooka Family!  Many of you may have heard the controversy stemming from the PARCC test/Common Core Curriculum standards that were implemented by the US Department of Education.  I hadn’t paid very much attention to the topic since Taiye is only in kindergarten and these tests don't kick in until 3rd grade but with all the buzz about it on social media and in the school yards among parents I figured I’d better start paying attention.  To be honest with you I’m sort of leaning in favor of this new practice because I’ve always believed in a level playing field.  I mean that’s what our grandparents and great grandparents fought and died for – the equal opportunity afforded to all people.  So I believe that every student should be taught vigorously with in all school district and be evaluated on equal standards when it comes time for them to apply for colleges.  However, I also understand that mandating these standards can stifle those teachers who are good at inspiring students through other less standardized teaching practices, as well as the potential to have their performance being evaluated unfairly on how well their students perform (some students just aren’t good test takers so to penalize the student and the teacher for this is unfair) not to mention the host of other “issues” teachers in more disadvantage areas have to deal with (i.e. students who can’t focus on learning because of their family situation).  I know there are a host of other reasons for and against the PARCC/Core Curriculum and as with anything in this world there is no one answer that will satisfy everyone.  My goal as a citizen is to make sure that the decisions affecting our children’s education are administered fairly and my goal as a parent is to make sure that I provide Taiye with every opportunity with in my means for her to  compete fairly in this global market.
Peace & Blessings,
Tricia Akinwande

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